About Us

Welcome to Caturday Night, where every day is a celebration of our furry feline friends! Born from a passion for all things luxurious and cat-themed, Caturday Night is the dazzling result of our quest to bring the absolute finest in cat-centric products to discerning cat aficionados like you!
As devoted cat enthusiasts, we have always been on the hunt for adorable cat-themed treasures. However, we often found ourselves disheartened by the sea of low-quality items scattered across countless websites. It was like searching for a diamond in the rough – exhausting and disappointing. That's when we had our "meow-reka" moment – why not create a haven for high-quality, chic cat-centric delights?
So, in 2022, we launched Caturday Night – your ultimate destination for premium cat-centric products that speak of elegance and charm. We meticulously comb through the internet, selecting only the crème de la crème of products that we would proudly display in our own homes. Say goodbye to the tiresome days of endless scrolling for that purr-fect gift! At Caturday Night, we ensure that our collection embodies the pinnacle of quality and style.
But that's not all! We collaborate with talented artists to craft exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces that you won't find anywhere else. These gems not only meet our sky-high standards but also resonate with our distinctive aesthetic flair.
We invite you to bask in the splendor of our boutique, a labour of love and a testament to our commitment to celebrating the joy that our whiskered companions bring into our lives. Welcome to Caturday Night, where luxury and cat love intertwine in perfect harmony! 🐾✨


At Caturday Night, we're dedicated to elevating the cat lover's experience by offering an exclusive collection of high-quality, luxurious cat-centric products. Born from a passion for feline finesse and an unmet need for premium goods, our mission is to provide a curated, one-stop shopping haven. We collaborate with talented artists to create unique, elegant pieces, ensuring that each item reflects our commitment to exceptional standards and distinctive design. Caturday Night is where discerning cat enthusiasts find not just products, but a celebration of their love for cats, encapsulated in every meticulously selected item.


On our team we have our co-owner, designer, and curator of Caturday Night- Anne Hindle. She grew up with pets like fish and hamsters but always wished for a cat of her own. As a young adult she moved many times across the country having lived in 4 provinces and 1 territory. With so much moving around there never came a time for a lifelong friend to break through…
Enter Rushabh Joshi our other co-founder with a family history of rescuing animals in India. After settling in Canada, Rush got 2 loving rescue kittens- Artemis and Apollo. These 2 fluff balls have become the joy and inspiration for Caturday Night.

Anne Hindle


Rushabh Joshi